about discuss planet

What is discuss planet?

Discuss Planet is a free app that allows the users to express their opinions, comment and freely discuss with other users without restrictions about all websites and any content on the Internet, including content for which the creator did not allow or prohibited it. 


For example : Youtube videos, Instagram posts, and so on where their creator has banned their comments.
Discussion creation is possible from most web browsers or content-sharing applications such as : Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Youtube, Instagram and more.
Discuss Planet allows the user to view and create comments in multiple available languages, or to display comments only in the languages ​​the user knows.

Why use Discuss Planet?

  • EXPRESS OPINION WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS: No one will ever forbid you from commenting and sharing your thoughts on any Internet content.

  • WITHOUT CENSORSHIP : No one can restrain you from what you can and what you can’t write in the comments. With the Discuss Planet app you can express any opinion without restrictions.

  • SOCIALIZATION: Meet new people who have a similar opinion to you or discuss with people whose opinions are different. The dialogue between people is important and with Discuss Planet the dialogue can take place on all topics.

  • SAY GOODBYE TO UNNECESSARY REGISTRATIONS: With one account on Discuss Planet, you will be able to create discussions and comments for every website or URL.
    The app allows you to sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

  •  NO CHARGE: Discuss Planet is free. There should be no cost of expressing an opinion.

  • SIMPLE: The user-friendly interface and intuitive location of the controls ensure trouble-free use of the app.