General terms of use of the application Discuss
Planet (EULA)

IMPORTANT, READ THE CONDITIONS of this license agreement, before you continue with the installation
of Disscuss Planet APPLICATION:
General terms of use ("GTU") Discuss Planet is a legal agreement between you (individual or
legal person) and Double Dot s.r.o. for the application mentioned above, which includes relevant software
components, media, printed materials and "online" or electronic documentation ("APPLICATION").
By installing, copying or other form of using application, you agree, that you are bound by the terms of this Agreement
GTU. This license agreement represents a full application agreement between you and Double Dot s.r.o
If you do not wish to agree to the terms of this agreement GTU, do no install and use this application.
Application is protected by copyright and by international copyrights agreements as well as
by other laws and intellectual property agreements. Application is licensed, not sold.

Granting a license:

Application is licensed as follows:

  1. License

    1. Double Dot s.r.o. grants you the right to install and use the copy of the application on your mobile
      device with full licensed copy of the operational system, for which the application was
      intended (f.e. Android, iOS).
      The misuse of other person's identity is strictly prohibited. In case of other user's login into application on your
      mobile device, you are obliged to logout the user and do not use the application
      under his login in no case. You are fully reponsible for the actions executed on behalf of another user.

  2. Agreement to terms

    1. By using the application, user agrees to these terms of use of the application.
    2. In case, you do not agree to the terms of use, uninstall the application immediately.

  3. New version of the terms of use

    1. In case of publishing of a new version of general terms of use of the application, it takes effect and becomes valid and effective immediately after publishing it.
    2. User is responsible for familiarizing oneself with the new version of the terms.
    3. Double Dot s.r.o. recommends the users to read the terms of use before every usage of the application.

  4. Right to process personal data

    1. User agrees to provide his personal data for the purpose of the application.
    2. In case of providing his personal data to the Double Dot s.r.o. company, data will be processed in accordance with current legislation and Double Dot s.r.o.
    3. Personal data will be deleted after a written request of the user to delete them.
    4. User takes note, that deleting any of the application data can cause login failure to the application.

    Užívateľom poskytnuté osobné údaje spoločnosti Double Dot s.r.o., budú spracovávane len v súlade s platnou legislatívou. • Osobné údaje budú vymazané po písomnej žiadosti užívateľa o ich zmazanie. • Užívateľ berie na vedomie, že zmazanie niektorého z údajov môže sposobiť znefunkčnenie prihlásenia sa užívateľa do APLIKÁCIE.
  5. Description of other rights and restrictions

    1. Prohibition of reverse engineering and decompiling. It is forbidden to perform a backward analysis, decompile or transfer from machine code of the application, with the exception and only to the extend, if these actions are permitted by the decisive authority, regardless of this limitation.
    2. Double Dot s.r.o. service can provide you with application-related support services ("Service"). Any additional software code, delivered as a part of service support program is considered to be a part of the software product and will be subject to the conditions of this agreement.
    3. Compliance with valid laws. You have to abide by all valid laws related to the usage of this application.

  6. License termination and data deletion

    1. Double Dot s.r.o. company reserves the right to cancel any account without giving a reason, with immediate effect.
    2. If a user wish to cancel his account and delete his personal data from the server and databases of Double Dot s.r.o., he has to notify Double Dot s.r.o. in writing about this. On the basis of a written request, Double Dot s.r.o. will delete the personal data of the user.

  7. Intellectual property

    1. All the information, including copyrights in the APPLICATION and all of the copies are owned by Double Dot s.r.o. or it's partners. All the proprietary rights and intellectual property rights, which are available by using this APPLICATION are the property or the respective content owners and can be protected by copyright or by other laws and intellectual property agreements. This GTU agreement does not give you any right to use such content. All the rights, which are not explicitly granted, are reserved by Double Dot s.r.o.

  8. Without warranty

    1. With regard to the fact, that using of the application is strictly voluntary, by using the application user agrees to general business terms and at the same time he commits not to take any actions to be compensated for damages or damages incurred by using the application. Double Dot s.r.o. and it's partners explicitly refuse any kind of application warranty. APPLICATION and it's components are provided "as they are", without any explicit of implied guarantee of any kind, including, but without limitation to any tradability, intellectual property intact or suitability for a specific purpose. Double Dot s.r.o. does not guarantee or takes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness ot the information, texts, graphics, references, or other elements contained in the application. Double Dot s.r.o. does not provide any warranties in the case of harm, which may be caused by the spread of computer viruses, worms, logic bombs (malware), or other similar programs. Double Dot s.r.o. refuses any kind of warranty or representation to the authorized users or the third party.

  9. Responsibility limitation

    1. In no case, is Double Dot s.r.o. company responsible for any kind of damage or harm (including, without limitation, lost, or invalid information), resulting from the usage by the "Authorized users" or from being unable to use APPLICATION, even if Double Dot s.r.o. was notified about the possibility of creation damages or harms of this kind. In no case will Double Dot s.r.o. or it's partners, carry out responsibility for the data loss or for indirect, special, random, following (including lost profit) or other contract-based damages, misdemeanors etc. Double Dot s.r.o. and   it's partners take no responsibility with regard to the content of this software product or it's part, including, but not limited to errors or omissions in them, libels, violation of disclosure rights, privacy, right to tradermarks, business interruption, injuries, personal data loss, moral rights or disclosure of confidential information. Double Dot s.r.o. and it's partners take no reponsibility for the displayed and shared content(comments, responses to comments, posts and any kind of other content) by the APPLICATION, which was added by the other users of the APPLICATION.